28 players competed across 4 rounds in groups of four. Points were scored for each game in the amounts 8,4,2,0. The overall winner was awarded the title of UK Champion, the prize including the chance to represent the UK at the World Championship held in the USA.

Final standings are shown below.

Position Name Points
1Martin Lawrence36
2Jacob Taylor-White26
3David Greenwood24
3David Van-Cauter24
5Adam Chatterley24
6Andy Marshall19
7Rik Maglioa18
8Steve Jones16
9David Graham16
10James Cruise14
11Mark Rawson13
12Richard Baker11
13Megan Thom11
14Ben Rossi10
15Jo Brei-Crawley10
16Paul Richardson10
17Peter Marchant9
18Robert Taylor8
19Lyndon Gurr8
20Adam Majewski8
21Alan Farrell8
22Coen de Groop7
23Natalia Batalova6
24Simon Hilton6
25Stephanie Bowen4
26John Brei-Crawley4
27Brian Miller4
28Bijan Mehdinejad4
Top Table