In 2013, Gordon, Scott and Steve were responsible for organising the tournaments. There were 7 different competitions details of which can be found on pages linked from this one on the left of this page. There was also an overall competition.

The board game tournaments consisted of either 3 or 4 rounds. In each round the players were divided into groups of three (for Kingdom Builder), four (for Settlers of Catan, Agricola, Carcassonne, and Dominion) or five (for 7 Wonders and Puerto Rico). Each group played a single game per round, after which the positions were determined according to the standard scoring system for the particular game. Then players were given tournament points according to their positions. The numbers of tournament points depended on the given tournament (as below) but was always in a 4:2:1:0 ratio:

Tournament1st Player 2nd Player3rd Player4th/5th Player
Settlers of Catan16840
Kingdom Builder842N/A
7 Wonders8420
Puerto Rico12630

After the penultimate round of each tournament, the players were ranked according to the sum of their tournament points across all of the rounds. Where one or more players had the same number of tournament points, then the sum of their scores for the games was used as a tie-breaker. The four highest ranked players (three for Kingdom Builder) became the 'top table' for the final round of the tournament, with their positions in this final game determining their final rankings - from winner to fourth place - in the tournament. All other players also played a final round, with their final rankings being determined by the sum of their tournament points for all rounds including the final one. In the case of Carcassonne, the four 'top table' players were divided into two games of two players. The winners of these two games played a further round in order to determine the winner and runner-up for the tournament, while the losers played a further round to determine the third and fourth places for the tournament.

Rankings for the Grand Board Game Tournament were determined by summing tournament points for each player across all of the tournaments in which they participated. Players who reached the top table in a tournament were given a bonus number of tournament points equal to those given for a 2nd-player position. The overall winner of the Grand Board Game Tournament was presented with the Doug Massie prize.

Final standings in the overall tournament are shown below.

Position NameSettlers of CatanAgricolaKingdom BuilderCarcassonneDominion7 WondersPuerto RicoTOTAL
1Richard Gough500036001298
2Alan Farrell54000803092
3Paul Henchliffe7200000072
4Ian Brown50001400064
5Steve Jones015001602758
6=Dominic Cousins5600000056
6=Daniel Robinson260018012056
8=Ben Richards22003200054
8=Natalia Batalova01500603354
8=Peter Boswell44001000054
11Martin Draper03615000051
12Lyndon Gurr24000801850
13Charlotte Potter24002400048
14Ben Rossi03700100047
15Jason Twigg02400020044
16Mark Rawson09001302143
17=David Van-Cauter12000246042
17=Sam Doolin4200000042
19Molly Robinson3200702041
21Robert Taylor0000832040
21Richard Baker26000110037
22=Bijan Mehdinejad20000412036
22=Jacob Taylor-White00002610036
22=Jenny Henchliffe3600000036
22=Martin Lawrence0000360036
22=Nicola Barnes3600000036
22=Walter Mansfield0360000036
28Bill Mayling2600000935
29=David Graham01800160034
29=Peter Wakefield3400000034
29=Will Cousins24001000034
32Andy Marshall40001910033
33Lee Chau3200000032
34Nicolo Graziano0300000030
35=Brian Miller0024040028
35=Gavin Inglis2800000028
35=Mark Savage2800000028
35=Simon Hilton0080614028
39=Jo Brei-Crawley8000108026
39=John Stroud0002600026
41=Adam Chatterley0000240024
41=Alex Tofield2400000024
41=David Greenwood0000240024
41=David Thornton 0240000024
41=Sylvia Hill0024000024
46=Andrew Finney0210000021
46=Sarah Brown0210000021
46=John Lapinskas0000021021
49=Adam Majewski0000812020
49=Charlotte Summers0002000020
49=Glen Henderson8001200020
49=Dan Merry0000020020
53Kevin Lee019.50000019.5
54=Anthony Williams0019000019
54=Kevin Cliff0001900019
54=Paul Richardson0900100019
57=Andy Macdonald1400400018
57=Geoff Hill0018000018
57=Paul Gray1800000018
57=Rik Maglioa0000180018
57=Stephen Ranthall0001800018
57=Terry Boswell1800000018
57=Martin Abrahams0120006018
64=Megan Thom0600110017
64=Michael Baines090008017
66=John Brakewell0001600016
66=Vince Marshall1600000016
68=Michael Graham0150000015
68=Peter Cousins0150000015
68=Phillipa Dall0150000015
71=Chris Phillips4001000014
71=James Cruise0000140014
71=Sue Hartley0001400014
74John Brei-Crawley800041013
75=Dan Goymoar0120000012
75=Niko Aslandis0001200012
77Ben Allen010.50000010.5
78=Keiran Briggs0001000010
78=Lucy Hawes0000010010
80=John Wilson09000009
80=Peter Marchant00009009
82=Angus Johnston00080008
82=Michael Gaynore00080008
82=Sarah Briggs00080008
82=Steven Taylor80000008
82=Mark Westwood00000808
82=Peter Dennis00000808
88=Coen de Groop00007007
88=Stephanie Bowen03004007
90=Evan Griffiths00060006
90=Iain Benson00600006
90=Justin Bennett60000006
90=Phil Taylor60000006
90=Tony Hooker00600006
90=Jo Nunn00000606
96=Hugh Williams00400004
96=Gary Wilson00000404
98Jamie Hannah03000003
99=Andy Relf00000202
99=Vince Laker00000202
101=Hannah Sobek00000000
101=Martin Spruce00000000
101=Jess Elvin00000000