7 Wonders

33 people competed over 3 rounds in groups of four or five, with the top 5 after 2 rounds competing on the top table in round 3 to decide the winner.

Position Name Tournament PointsSum of Scores
1Jonathan Cousins8124
2Jon Dawes6111
3Kevin Stebbing5125
4Simon Kenny5120
5Ivor Benici5119
6David Van Cauter5115
7Josh Sulc5107
8Robin Blagg4111
9Robert Taylor4109
10Dan Offen4108
11Cecilia Summer4102
12Andrew Alcock4101
13Kevin O' Connor493
14Roland Gavin 490
15Pete Cousins3118
16Steve Buckingham3111
17Jason Whitfield3106
18Adam Povey3102
19Matt Young2116
20Ben French2103
21Ben Majewski298
22Marcus Zelinski293
23Rheece Kennedy290
24Chris Dixon284
25Mark Cromey1100
26Mike Clark194
27Clive Ward181
28Jad Zia179
29Colin McNulty0104
30James Bamfield095
31Keith Martin-Smith091
32Jacob Taylor-White088
33Neema Parvini083
Top Table

Final round results and final tournament rankings

Position Name TableScore
1Ivor BeniciTop53
2Jonathan CousinsTop52
3Jon DawesTop46
4Kevin StebbingTop46
5Simon KennyTop34
6David Van Cauter255
7Robert Taylor254
8Josh Sulc254
9Robin Blagg247
10Dan Offen241
11Cecilia Summer357
12Roland Gavin 357
13Pete Cousins343
14Andrew Alcock341
15Kevin O' Connor30
16Matt Young467
17Jason Whitfield460
18Steve Buckingham448
19Ben French444
20Adam Povey438
21Mark Cromey561
22Ben Majewski554
23Rheece Kennedy548
24Marcus Zelinski543
25Chris Dixon541
26Jad Zia668
27Colin McNulty656
28Mike Clark648
29Clive Ward644
30Jacob Taylor-White755
31James Bamfield749
32Neema Parvini733
33Keith Martin-Smith732