Settlers of Catan

48 players competed over 4 rounds in groups of 4, with the top 4 after 3 rounds competing on the top table in round 4 to decide the winner.

The winner of this tournament was awarded the title of UK Catan Champion, receiving an all-expenses paid entry into the final of the World Wide Catan Championship 2014 to be held in Berlin in October 2014.

Tournament rankings after three rounds

Position Name Tournament PointsSum of Scores*
1Phillip Huynh1230
2Bijan Mehdinejad1230
3Paul Henchliffe1230
4Woody Hayday1028
5Gavin Inglis1027
6Mark Savage9.527
7Clare Baker9.527
8David Van Cauter926
9Terry Boswell826
10Fionna Smith825
11Richard Baker825
12Dominic Cousins7.527
13Ben Richards7.527
14Jim Clokey7.526
15Ant Marsh724
16Phil Taylor721
17Chris Dixon6.524
18Sean Williams6.524
19Jamie Barrett6.521
20José Sánchez620
21Jenny Henchliffe5.526
22Ian Brown5.523
23Graham R Baker5.523
24Scott Symonds5.522
25Richard Gough5.517
26Alex Powell519
27Dave Cartwright4.519
28Chris Barton423
29Ivor Benici421
30David Harris419
31Peter Boswell3.518
32Peter Wakefield3.517
33Josh Sulc321
34Wesley Barton320
35Rob Tinsley319
36Steve Taylor316
37Sue Hartley315
38Marianne Kim2.518
39David Outram2.516
40Nicola Barnes220
41Charlotte Kemp219
42Joaquín Derrac217
43Jassie Tan216
44Rich Abrahams1.516
45Mark Rawson1.516
46Paul Taylor112
47Miz Rahman0.517
48Richard Bellfield010
Top Table

*Scores exceeding 10 were recorded as 10.

Top table results and final tournament rankings

Position Name
1Paul Henchliffe
2=Woody Hayday
2=Bijan Mehdinejad
4Philip Huynh