Ticket to Ride

2 tournaments were run for this game. First an open tournament, followed by a second tournament to determine the UK National Champion. The top 5 players in the open tournament won places in the National tournament, the remaining places in that event having been determined from the results of previously held Regional Championships. The winner of the National Championship received entry into the Ticket to Ride World Championship to be held in Paris in September 2014, together with £250 expenses towards the cost of attendance.

The Open Tournament

24 players competed over 3 rounds in groups of 4, with the top 5 after 3 rounds qualifying for the National Championship held the following day.

Tournament rankings after three rounds

Position Name Tournament PointsSum of Scores
1Ben Curd12389
2Jochem Snuverink12336
3Claire Pearce10395
4Charlotte Potter9371
5Glenn Henderson9348
6Phil Harris7428
7Katie Grattidge7348
8Ven Gee Lim6307
9Andy Macdonald6287
10Cheryl Brind5354
11Keef Baker5347
12David Tomlinson/Daniel Griffiths*5319
13David Owen5249
14Geoff Kemp/Daniel Griffiths*4325
15Dave Rothwell4298
16Seb Symonds4269
17Jed Peachey-Pace4249
18Carine Visser4241
19Rob Balding3271
20Claire Tomlinson2248
21Nicky Taylor2241
22Kieran Roberts2240
23Josh Curd1237
24Daniel Potter0168
National Qualifiers

* Daniel substituted for David Tomlinson in 1 round and for Geoff Kemp in another round.

The UK Championship

16 players competed over 3 rounds in groups of 4, with the top 4 after 2 rounds competing on the top table in round 3 to decide the UK Champion.

Tournament rankings after two rounds

Position Name Tournament PointsSum of Scores
1Peter Duckworth8240
2Peter Howitt6234
3Chris Clenton6214
4Frank Hanford5234
5Kevin Stebbing4231
6Joaquim Derrac4230
7Jochem Snuverink4228
8Matthew Kilburn4213
9Christine Peachey-Pace4132
10Scot Symonds3193
11Charlotte Potter2206
12Chris Barton2162
13Mark Savage2154
14Ben Curd1199
15Glenn Henderson1169
16Clare Pierce0160
Top Table

Top table results and final tournament rankings

Position Name Score
1Peter Howitt123
2Peter Duckworth101
3Chris Clenton93
4Frank Hanford86