52 players competed over 4 rounds in groups of 4, with the top 4 after 3 rounds competing on the "top table" in round 4 to decide the winner. In this Tournament, the top table was split into 2 groups of 2, with the players playing a semi-final and final, together with a play-off for third/fourth place.

The winner of this tournament was awarded the title of UK Carcassonne Champion, receiving £150 towards the cost of entering the 10th Carcassonne World Championships at Essen Spiel in October 2015.

Some picture's from the tournament are available at Hans im Gluck's Facebook page

Tournament rankings after three rounds

Position Name Tournament PointsSum of Scores
1James Cook10233
2John Stroud9.5218
3Dan Chard9220
4Lim Ven Gee9204
5Andrew Page9199
6Michael Jones9198
7Ben Richards9193
8Kevin Cliff8203
9Tim Murphy7.5187
10Peter Boswell7.5170
11Kay Murray7211
12Mark Teale7210
13Sotirios Karamitsos7190
14Ross Jenkin7182
15Siobhan Murphy7174
16Nicholas Bamber6.5215
17David Hudson6.5188
18Rory Tovell6.5186
19Cecilia Summer6185
20Matt Young6182
21Nicky Taylor6181
22Catrin Treharne6172
23Catherine Harvey6170
24Jeff Thirlwell6162
25Patrick Gallagher5.5168
26Thomas Hill5.5166
27Sunny Cheng5205
28Ian Moor5181
29Jennifer Hill5175
30Tom Hill5154
31Steven Buckley5142
32Richard Gough4.5190
33Robin Blagg4195
34Samantha Gan4194
35Richard Tubb4180
36Helen King4169
37Benice Dixie4160
38Julia Bamber3186
39Kieran Briggs3162
40Andrew Hill3161
41Andrew Hannay3155
42Trisha Chambers3143
43Patrick Murray3117
44Will Cousins2.5143
45Peter Wakefield2168
46Josh Curd2166
47Sarah Briggs2162
48Colette Horsburgh2160
49Jassie Tan1.5189
50Jeremy Lambert1184
51David Jameson1163
52Mark Cromey1109
Top Table

Top table results

GamePlayer Score
Semi-final 1James Cook115
Lim Ven Gee113
Semi-final 2John Stroud141
Dan Chard117
Final James Cook102
John Stroud93
3rd place playoffLim Ven Gee86
Dan Chard60

Final round results and final tournament rankings

Position Name TableScore
1James CookTop
2John StroudTop
3Lim Ven GeeTop
4Dan ChardTop
5Michael Jones279
6Kevin Cliff278
7Andrew Page245
8Peter Boswell376
9Tim Murphy355
10Kay Murray338
11Mark Teale338
12Sotirios Karamitsos4112
13Ross Jenkin4103
14Nicholas Bamber478
15Cecilia Summer562
16David Hudson551
17Matt Young550
18Rory Tovell548
19Jeff Thirlwell694
20Catrin Treharne670
21Nicky Taylor656
22Patrick Gallagher772
23Thomas Hill772
24Sunny Cheng751
25Richard Gough874
26Steven Buckley853
27Jennifer Hill841
28Tom Hill828
29Helen King970
30Richard Tubb966
31Samantha Gan951
32Julia Bamber1081
33Andrew Hill1060
34Benice Dixie1056
35Kieran Briggs1052
36Andrew Hannay1184
37Patrick Murray1171
38Sarah Briggs1293
39Josh Curd1283
40Peter Wakefield1275
41David Jameson13107
42Jassie Tan1393
43Mark Cromey1366