99 players competed over 4 rounds in groups of 4, with the top 4 after 3 rounds competing on the top table in round 4 to decide the winner.

The winner of the tournament was named UK Catan Champion receiving an all-expenses paid entry into the final of the European Catan Championship 2015 to be held at the "Spielefest" in Vienna. He also received an all-expenses paid trip to enter the World Wide Catan Championship in USA in 2016.

Tournament rankings after three rounds

Position Name* Tournament PointsSum of Scores**Strength of Win(s)***
1Joe Williams123018
2Matt Young123018.33
3Richard Gough123019
4José Sánchez1229
5Harrison Tatem-Wyatt102916.5
6Patrick McDonagh102918.5
7Bijan Mehdinejad102921
8Phil Taylor1027
9Duncan Fowler1026
10Tony Hethrington9.528
11Charlotte Langer9.52513
12Alan Farrell9.52520
13Sam Lee928
14Paul Haycock926
15James McDermot925
16Morgan Bell924
17John Haycock8.528
18Michael Jones8.526
20Stephanie Holzhueter82711
21Josh Kronman82717
22Joaquin Derrac826
23Rahul Bhatt825
24Graham Baker824
25James Hayward821
26Henry Ward7.528
27Ben Richards7.527
28Simneet Bassi7.52327
29Will Cousins7.52330
30David Hudson72721
31Samuel Haste72724
32David Jameson726
33Daniel House725
34Tanya Ironmonger72416
35Christine Peachey-Pace72425
36David Van-Cauter6.526
37Jeff Ruddle6.52519
38John Stroud6.52523
39Claire Baker626
40Ian Angell625
41Mark Savage625
42Paul Henchliffe624
43Elizabeth Lewin-Diani623
44Paul Harris622
45Jack Pickford621
46Dylan Whitaker618
47Hemingway Rockliff5.524
48Jed Peachey-Pace5.520
49Anjali Hall5.518
51Maxwell Woodford521
52Peter Boswell520
53Jim Clokey520
54Carl Sidgwick4.523
55Terry Boswell4.522
56Amy Humphryson4.520
57Brendon Gylee4.520
58Paul Taylor4.519
59William McDermott421
60Victoria Lopez420
61Carole Roberts420
62Samantha Gan419
63David Keenan418
64Duane Wright3.522
65Ian Thursfield3.521
66Keith Baker3.519
67Hugo Paton-Cox3.516
68Eduardo Alcauza323
69Dominic Cousins322
70Ian Brown322
71Adam Haste322
72Lee Hall320
73Hebe Bown320
74Adam Hogge319
75Scot Re318
76Chris Swainston317
77Sarah Cooke-Fox2.520
78Rob Matthews2.516
79Richard Baker2.515
80Sophie Crawford2.515
81Anthony Reynolds2.514
82Jen Hughes223
83Rob Tinsley220
84Steve Davis-Burden217
85Jeff Hancock217
86Peter Wakefield217
87Alex Kirkley217
88Tim McArdle217
89Rebecca Sibthorp216
90Gavin Inglis216
91Danny Gustafson216
92Sean Shortis214
93Bill Mayling1.517
94Rick Reiley1.517
95Helen King1.515
96Trisha Chambers113
99Philip Moon011
Top Table

* Due to a misalignment between player numbers recorded in the database and those given out to players some names were lost from the database. In these cases, the names given on the score sheets have been used.

**Scores exceeding 10 were recorded as 10.

*** Only shown when used as an additional tie-breaker for players with the same number of Tournament Points and the same sum of scores. Strength of Win is determined only when a player wins a game and is calculated as the sum of the other players' scores in the game (the lower the score, the better). For a player who has won more than one game, the average across all wins is calculated.

Final round results and final tournament rankings

PositionName TableScore
1Richard GoughTop10
2Joe WilliamsTop7
3Matt YoungTop7
4José SánchezTop7
5Harrison Tatem-Wyatt210
6Phil Taylor28
7Bijan Mehdinejad2?
8Tony Hethrington311
9Alan Farrell36
10Charlotte Langer35
11Sam Lee410
12Paul Haycock49
13Morgan Bell49
14James McDermot46
15John Haycock510
16Stephanie Holzhueter59
18Josh Kronman610
19Joaquin Derrac69
20Graham Baker67
21Simneet Bassi710
22James Hayward76
23David Jameson76
24Samuel Haste74
25David Hudson810
26David Van-Cauter88
27Daniel House85
28Tanya Ironmonger84
29Mark Savage910
30Jeff Ruddle97
31Elizabeth Lewin-Diani96
32Paul Harris95
33Peter Boswell1010
35Jack Pickford105
36Maxwell Woodford104
37Jim Clokey1110
38Terry Boswell116
39Hemingway Rockliff114
40Amy Humphryson114
41Victoria Lopez1210
42Eduardo Alcauza127
43Brendon Gylee126
44William McDermott125

Catan Tournament in play at UK Expo 2015