Ticket to Ride

30 players competed over 4 rounds in groups of 3 or 4, with the top 4 after 3 rounds competing on the top table in round 4 to decide the winner.

Tournament rankings after three rounds

Position Name Tournament PointsSum of Scores
1Joaquin Derrac10397
2Jack Pickford10334
3Gordon Hall10331
4Sue Brakewell9356
5Mark Walsh9349
6Alan Farrell9276
7Jean Viljoen8312
8John Wilson7356
9Becky Walsh7337
10Phil Harris7330
11Claire Pearce7305
12Tony Hendrington6299
13Victoria Lopez6261
14Philippa Dall5330
15John Brei-Crawley5330
16Julian Smith5322
17Rick Reiley5288
18Ian Brown5260
19John Brakewell5245
20Steve Davis-Burdon5173
21Bill Mayling4309
22Russell Windsor4288
23Richard Cook4250
24Brian Rolfe4234
25Edward Rolfe3268
26Julie Scheiner3232
27Daniel Higgins2265
28Tony Reynolds2186
29Pieter Viljoen2159
30Jo Brei-Crawley0241
Top Table

Final round results and final tournament rankings

Position Name TableScore
1Joaquin DerracTop141
2Gordon HallTop106
3Jack PickfordTop98
4Sue BrakewellTop93
5Mark Walsh2133
6Becky Walsh2133
7John Wilson2129
8Alan Farrell299
9Phil Harris3133
10Claire Pearce3128
11Tony Hendrington3109
12Victoria Lopez4136
13Philippa Dall4104
14John Brei-Crawley483
15Julian Smith477
16John Brakewell5123
17Steve Davis-Burdon592
18Rick Reiley583
19Ian Brown564
20Russell Windsor6106
21Brian Rolfe670
22Bill Mayling664
23Richard Cook651
24Daniel Higgins7151
25Julie Scheiner7127
26Edward Rolfe7121
27Jo Brei-Crawley7121
28Tony Reynolds3*130

* Played on table 3 as arrived late for the final round.