Lords of Waterdeep

20 players competed over 3 rounds in groups of 4, with the top 4 after 2 rounds competing on the top table in round 3 to decide the winner.

Tournament rankings after two rounds

Position Name Tournament PointsSum of Scores
1Pieter Viljoen8245
2Brian Rywater6258
3David Archer6244
4Dan Jewell6243
5Andrew Carey6237
6Claire Housden5249
7Steven Wall5248
8Victor Fuller5230
9Andrew Page4261
10Graham Baker4242
11Gerry McEvoy3221
12Alison Reid2236
13Shaun Campbell2208
14Andrew Jackson2207
15Eugen Carey2192
16Adam Rywater1230
17Tom Tomkinson1227
18Ian Brown1219
19Jacob Taylor White1210
20Steve Davis-Burden0185
Top Table

Final round results and final tournament rankings

Position Name TableScore
1David ArcherTop158
2Pieter ViljoenTop153
3Brian RywaterTop135
4Andrew CareyTop118
5Claire Housden2122
6Andrew Page2119
7Steven Wall2112
8Victor Fuller5*151
9Graham Baker3131
10Adam Rywater3127
11Shaun Campbell3119
12Eugen Carey3116
13Gerry McEvoy2*105
14Ian Brown4146
15Tom Tomkinson4121
16Jacob Taylor White4111
17Steve Davis-Burden593

* These players ended up on the wrong table - their final rankings reflect the table they should have been on.