7 Wonders

41 people competed over 4 rounds in groups of 3 or 4, with the top 4 after 3 rounds competing on the top table in round 4 to decide the winner.

Tournament rankings after three rounds

Position Name Tournament PointsSum of Scores
1Adam Majewski10200
2Adam Thoume10187
3Rebecca Dale10183
4Matt Young10181
5Isaac Trickey10171
6Andrew Collier9174
7Szilvia Lochte9172
8Thomas Bodinar9156
9Sean Buckland8166
10Cecilia Summer8157
11David Murry8153
12Raymond Fong7178
13David Jameson7162
14Jake Tetley7162
15Clare Horscroft7157
16Julian Smith6182
17Andrew Hannay6165
18Steven Buckingham6161
19David Wheatley6157
20Kiera Tutton6156
21Josh Sulc6156
22Mark Willis6153
23Alexander Waring6141
24Hannah Wiles5169
25Sarah Cooke-Fox5158
26Dave Cheetham5149
27Steven Swain5144
28Hayden Tetley4159
29James Wilde4152
30Charlotte Smith4139
31Kieran Papps4134
32Wes Wrigley3144
33Bill Mayling3135
34Mark Cromey3128
35Donna Bailey2143
36Nicky Taylor2137
37Bijan Mehinejad2129
38Lysander Waring2123
39Jamie Hankins1132
40Drew Turner1132
41Eden Saunders1116
Top Table

Top table results and final tournament rankings

Position Name Score
1Adam Thoume55
2Rebecca Dale52
3Matt Young52
4Adam Majewski49