UK Carcassonne Championship

45 players competed over 4 rounds in groups of 3 or 4, with the top 8 after 3 rounds competing in knock-out rounds to decide the winner.

The winner of this tournament was awarded the title of UK Carcassonne Champion, receiving £200 towards the cost of entering the 11th Carcassonne World Championships at Essen Spiel in October 2016.

Tournament rankings after three rounds

Position Name Tournament PointsMean PoP*
1Jeff Ruddle1235.61
2James Cook1234.76
3Michael Jones 1035.28
4Philip Gregory1032.12
5Charlotte Langer 1031.83
6John Stroud9.529.03
7Andrew Page931.28
8Cecilia Summer929.77
9James Heppell929.27
10Jamie Humphries928.02
11Johnny Worthington927.87
12David Jameson831.32
13Ian Herbert827.68
14Adam Chambers825.82
15Jake Tetley827.50
16Christine Stuttard726.57
17David Hudson726.47
18Julia Bamber726.10
19Dan Chard6.530.40
20Matthew Long624.24
21Andrew Canfield5.529.00
22Paul Wilson529.66
23Elains Bergmanis526.37
24Christopher Stuttard 525.70
25John Breakwell524.79
26Sara Marques 523.88
27Emily Canfield428.37
28Grace Canfield426.83
29Steven Buckingham326.07
30Nicholas Bamber325.20
31Curt Smith325.02
32Joaquin Derrac Rus324.77
33Victoria Lopez Morales323.45
34Peter Boswell322.73
35Catherine Harvey319.60
36Mobina Mohamed322.47
37Kay Murray2.524.32
38Richard Gough224.76
39Szilvia Lochte223.54
40Russell Windsor 222.99
41Jack Pickford222.87
42Sue Breakwell222.04
43Tina Tetley221.98
44Lucy Orr220.49
45Pat Murray122.52
Knock-out qualification

* Percentage of Points (PoP) for a game is the player's score in that game divided by the sum of all players' scores in the game. The figure shown here is the mean PoP across the three Rounds.

Results of Knock-out Rounds

GamePlayer Score
Quarter-final 1Jeff Ruddle123
Cecilia Summer79
Quarter-final 2Andrew Page123
James Cook104
Quarter-final 3John Stroud118
Michael Jones110
Quarter-final 4Philip Gregory117
Charlotte Langer101
Semi-final 1Jeff Ruddle95
Philip Gregory88
Semi-final 2Andrew Page89
John Stroud60
Final Andrew Page139
Jeff Ruddle125