The board game tournaments each consisted of 4 rounds, except for the Lords of Waterdeep and Agricola tournaments, which each consisted of 3 rounds. In each round the players were divided into groups of four players. Each group played a single game, after which the positions were determined according to the standard scoring system for the particular game. Then players were given Tournament Points according to their positions, as follows:

Joint Winner3
Joint second1.5
Joint third0.5

After the penultimate round of each tournament, the players were ranked according to the sum of their Tournament Points across all of the rounds. Where one or more players had the same number of tournament points, then the sum of their scores for the games was used as a tie-breaker or, in the case of Carcassonne, their mean PoP. For Splendor and Catan, mean PoP was used as an additional tie-breaker. The four highest ranked players became the 'top table' for the final round of the tournament, with their positions in this final game determining their final rankings - from winner to fourth place - in the tournament. In the case of Carcassonne, the top 8 players progressed into 2-player knock-out rounds.