UK Catan Championship

78 players competed over 4 rounds in groups of 3 or 4, with the top 4 after 3 rounds competing on the top table in round 4 to decide the winner.

The winner of the UK Catan Championship received an all-expenses paid entry into the World Wide Catan Championship in USA in 2016.

Tournament rankings after three rounds

Position NameTournament PointsSum of Scores*Mean PoP**
1Matt Young123038.97
2David Percik102933.14
3Sarah Cooke-Fox102933.02
4David Van-Cauter102833.45
5Parminder Thindal102831.70
6Chris May9.52631.22
7Jim Clokey92731.53
8Steve Taylor92529.68
9John George8.52729.99
10Trevor Kephart8.52633.52
11Jonathan Cheng8.52529.81
12Neil Langston82731.55
13Alex Brown82730.52
14Cindy Rosengarten82628.67
15Claire Baker82529.37
16Paul Taberner82427.19
17Joe Grimes82332.13
18David Jameson82228.71
19David Cartwright7.52828.54
20Daniel Pierce7.52628.69
21Vicki Jennings7.52325.58
22Hannah Deubert7.52226.85
23Bijan Mahdinejad72627.60
24Kei Tsi Daniel Cheng72530.61
25Richard Gough72527.42
26Joe Williams72426.67
27Chris Swainton6.52532.77
28Ulises Espejo6.52426.74
29Andrew Collier6.52327.27
30Mark Savage6.52325.29
31Dan Good62629.02
32Fiona Williams62528.44
33Andrew Hannay62432.17
34Sophie Graff62427.72
35Michael McHugh62425.96
36Stephanie Holzhunter62327.41
37Christian Coester62327.24
38Charlotte Langer62325.59
39Szilvia Lochte62127.14
40David Hudson62123.69
41Josh Lynch5.52025.22
42David Harris52529.20
43Jonathan Rachman52226.73
44Christabel Clark52226.50
45Harrison Tatem-Wyatt52124.19
46Andrew Owen52022.08
47Peter Boswell4.52023.28
48Lauren Stacey42426.89
49Oliver Campbell42323.60
50Daniel Rosengarten42225.60
51Ben Maher42024.65
52Rachel Davies42024.64
53Craig Davies41922.27
54Jo Bailey41922.18
55Simneet Bassi41922.00
56Ian Thursfield3.52123.38
57Kevin Robinson3.52022.60
58Paul Basford3.51923.62
59Elizabeth Pennock3.51826.17
60Hugo Paton-Cox32122.51
61Ian Angell32021.89
62Ben Mayhew31821.34
63Jenny Basford31820.90
64Joseph Rachman31722.66
65Alan Farrell2.52222.84
66Brendan Gylee2.51922.14
67Lisa Birchall22021.10
68Dan McIntyre21820.01
69Justin Rosengarten21719.27
70Josie Shenoy21719.22
71Dale Lithgoe21619.27
72Richard Jay21619.27
73James Edgington21519.88
74Rachael Bran11821.09
75Ster Buttle11417.17
76Emily Jones0.51920.01
77Stewart Ennew0.51517.09
78Paul Hula0517.20
Top Table

*Scores exceeding 10 were recorded as 10

** Percentage of Points (PoP) for a game is the player's score in that game divided by the sum of all players' scores in the game. The figure shown here is the mean PoP across the three Rounds.

Final round results and final tournament rankings

PositionName TableScore
1David Van-CauterTop10
2Matt YoungTop8
=3Sarah Cooke-FoxTop7
=3David PercikTop7
5Parminder Thindal210
6Jim Clokey29
7Chris May28
8Steve Taylor27
9Trevor Kephart310
10Neil Langston37
11John George35
12Jonathan Cheng35
13Alex Brown410
14Paul Taberner46
15Cindy Rosengarten43
16Daniel Pierce511
17David Cartwright56
18David Jameson50
19Richard Gough610
20Hannah Deubert69
21Kei Tsi Daniel Cheng69
22Vicki Jennings68
23Dan Good710
24Andrew Collier77
25Andrew Hannay76
26Mark Savage74
27Stephanie Holzhunter810
28Szilvia Lochte88
29Christian Coester86
30Charlotte Langer85
31Christabel Clark910
32David Harris99
33David Hudson98
34Jonathan Rachman98
35Andrew Owen1010
36Oliver Campbell108
37Peter Boswell104
38Simneet Bassi1110
39Ian Thursfield117
40Daniel Rosengarten116
41Paul Basford114
42Elizabeth Pennock1210
43Hugo Paton-Cox129
44Kevin Robinson128
45Ian Angell1310
46Ben Mayhew134
47Joseph Rachman134
48Alan Farrell1411
49Dan McIntyre148
50Lisa Birchall147
51Brendan Gylee145
52James Edgington1510
53Ben Maher159
54Josie Shenoy159
55Dale Lithgoe158

Catan Tournament in play at UK Expo 2016, 10 images courtesy of Mayfair games, used with permission.