Tournament rankings after three rounds

Position Name Tournament PointsMean PoP*
1Victoria Carter1242.53
2Nabil Homsi1036.67
3Kim-Joy Hewlett1035.35
4Daniel Pillow1034.82
5Laura Weaver1032.69
6Howard Taylor1032.14
7Peter Dennis1031.18
8Andy Owen1030.86
9Adam Povey929.48
10Russell Calbert828.37
11Mike Grigg827.57
12Victor Fuller732.50
13Alex Mulhall730.44
14Oscar Rink728.37
15Geoffrey Pogson727.78
16James Brant 726.42
17Daniel Cheetham725.43
18Cathy Highnes631.87
19John Pearce629.94
20Neil Lavery629.44
21Davie Archer627.33
22Russell Buxcey626.76
23Tom Curtis625.99
24Robert Felton622.20
25Daniel Tull621.29
26James Rink5.524.78
27Dan Howitt527.42
28Jonathan Weaver526.47
29Steven Wall525.89
30Martin French525.13
31Ossian Hawkes524.33
32Rob Matheson 426.08
33Claire Smith423.73
34Sam Carr422.94
35Ashleigh Ryan3.525.31
36Barry Smith325.02
37Frank Dennis323.69
38Paul Cook323.44
39Jack Pickford323.01
40Chris Howitt321.85
41Mark Adams321.82
42Alex Smith321.53
43Coen DeGroot321.43
44Claire Pearce224.34
45Peter Turner 222.84
46Kate Burgess219.40
47Martin Abrahams218.48
48Joseph Rawlinson120.74
49Daniel Holloway115.66
Top Table

* Percentage of Points (PoP) for a game is the player's score in that game divided by the sum of all players' scores in the game. The figure shown here is the mean PoP across the three Rounds.

Final tournament rankings

Position Name
1Daniel Pillow
2Kim-Joy Hewlett
3Victora Carter
4Nabil Homsi
5Laura Weaver
6Peter Dennis
7Howard Taylor
8Andy Owen
9Mike Grigg
10Adam Povey
11Victoria Fuller
12Russell Calbert
13Oscar Rink
14Geoffrey Pogson
15Alex Mulhall
16James Brant
17John Pearce
18Cathy Highnes
19Neil Lavery
20Daniel Cheetham
21Robert Felton
22Davie Archer
23Tom Curtis
24Russell Buxcey
25James Rink
26Jonathan Weaver
27Daniel Tull
28Dan Howitt
29Ossian Hawkes
30Martin French
31Steven Wall
32Rob Matheson
33Ashleigh Ryan
34Claire Smith
35Sam Carr
36Barry Smith
37Chris Howitt
38Paul Cook
39Jack Pickford
40Frank Dennis
41Coen DeGroot
42Alex Smith
43Claire Pearce
44Mark Adams
45Martin Abrahams
46Kate Burgess
47Joseph Rawlinson
48Peter Turner