Ticket to Ride

58 players competed over 4 rounds in groups of 3 or 4, with the top 4 after 3 rounds competing on the top table in round 4 to decide the winner.

Tournament rankings after three rounds

Position Name Tournament PointsSum of Scores
1Victoria Lopez Morales12400
2Joaquin Derrac Rus12376
3Peter Duckworth12353
4Robert Flanagan11386
5Alistair Stevens-Brown10386
6Angus Looney10380
7Josh Curd10350
8Daniel Tull9373
9David Alton9365
10Jon Payton9354
11Matt Sievert9346
12Tim Brown9313
13Victor Fuller8398
14Nicky Taylor8377
15Tom Redmond8358
16Katharaine Hoare8342
17Carly Parker7412
18Thomas Taynton7362
19Keef Baker7362
20Antonella Lettieri7358
21Niamh Ryall 7336
22Steve Hatch7318
23Andrew Paige6382
24Anthony Reynolds6343
25Victoria Carter6341
26James Hayward6338
27Ian Hoare6334
28Sam Holman6326
29Ian Brown6324
30Claire Pearce6314
31Tanya Ironmonger6311
32Josh King6266
33Keith Pottage5350
34Jamie Jones 5348
35Stacey Sanderson5346
36Jhen Skivolocki5329
37Sue Breakwell5327
38Richard Parker5323
39James Brophy5302
40Christopher Stuttard 5284
41Ray Anderson4309
42Becky Payton4306
43Eleni Constanti4302
44Tony Salt4262
45Leanne Eeles3304
46Alister Redmond3298
47Andy Hunter3280
48Colette Horsburgh3277
49Catherine Overend3273
50Phil Leese3260
51Ian Turner2307
52Juha Kivela2305
53Christine Stuttard2275
54Fred Sammut2270
55Jack Pickford1223
56Steve Law1105
57Jason Sammut0279
58Ash Shegobin0145
Top Table

Final round results and final tournament rankings

Position Name TableScore
1Robert FlanaganTop141
2Peter DuckworthTop118
3Joaquin Derrac RusTop97
4Victoria Lopez MoralesTop50
5Josh Curd2136
6Alistair Stevens-Brown2105
7Daniel Tull296
8Angus Looney260
9Jon Payton3114
10Tim Brown3109
11David Alton3101
12Matt Sievert394
13Katharaine Hoare4145
14Nicky Taylor484
15Victor Fuller480
16Tom Redmond428
17Thomas Taynton5139
18Keef Baker5112
19Carly Parker5100
20Antonella Lettieri539
21Steve Hatch6134
22Andrew Paige6130
23Niamh Ryall 6114
24Anthony Reynolds698
25Ian Hoare7146
26James Hayward7102
27Victoria Carter792
28Sam Holman778
29Tanya Ironmonger8123
30Claire Pearce8109
31Ian Brown886
32Josh King847
33Jhen Skivolocki9175
34Jamie Jones 9139
35Keith Pottage9119
36Stacey Sanderson993
37Sue Breakwell10?
38Richard Parker10?
39Christopher Stuttard 10?
40James Brophy10?
41Ray Anderson11139
42Tony Salt11126
43Eleni Constanti11110
44Becky Payton1197
45Alister Redmond1297
46Andy Hunter1296
47Colette Horsburgh1290
48Leanne Eeles1281
49Ian Turner13125
50Juha Kivela13100
51Catherine Overend1397
52Phil Leese1372
53Christine Stuttard14111
54Jack Pickford14110
55Fred Sammut1464
56Steve Law15149
57Jason Sammut1562