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Trophy Points

The Trophy Points System was introduced in September 2003 by Gordon and from that time all games played at the club have been recorded with the positions of players and the playing time of the game. Most of the information on these pages has been derived from this recorded data. The trophy points system was discontinued at the end of 2006 and details are no longer shown on this site. Records of games played are still being kept and summary pages appear in this section.

The Stats Pages

Included here are details of all games played at HBG sessions from April 8th 2003 up to the present time. The overall tables list games in order of the number of player hours accumulated from September 2003 onwards. There are separate tables for weekday and weekend sessions, together with an overall table combining both tables.

For each year there are tables listing the games played during the year in a similar manner to the overall tables (the split between session types existing from 2014 onwards). In addition there are pages for each month with the results of individual games played together with table of players attending and games played during the month.

All games tables are sorted by totals for player-time, then game time, then games played, finally by earliest played date. Monthly player table are sorted by games won, then by reverse order of games played. Games played from April 8th to the end of August 2003 have no time recorded and these games are not included in the annual and overall summaries, a summary of these games sorted by number of plays appears on the year page for 2003. Currently the most played game in terms of time is Power Grid by a wide margin, this is unlikely to change in the forseeable future.


Many games have expansions. In general these stats record all plays of a game against the same item regardless of which and how many may be involved in a play. In rare cases plays with an expansion may be recorded against a different item if incorporation of the expansion makes particularly significant changes to game play (e.g. Steam & Steam Barons are recorded as separate items).


In recent times it has been increasingly common for there to be multiple versions of games with essentially the same mechanics (perhaps slightly different), often these are given new game entries on BGG. In these instances, played games are recorded using the version recorded on BGG and if they are thought to be a revised version of an existing game the information is combined with that for the "main game" in the games lists. The title of the version is linked to the BGG item for that version while the link in the overall game tables points to the BGG item for the main game. The table below lists games which are considered to be versions of other games.

Main GameVersion Names
A Game of ThronesA Game of Thrones (2e)
AgricolaAgricola (Revised Edition)
AntikeAntike II
Boss MonsterBoss Monster 2
BrassBrass: Lancashire
CarcassonneCarcassonne: Winter Edition
Cosmic EncounterCosmic Encounter(FFG)
Love LetterLove Letter PremiumLove Letter: BatmanLove Letter: The Hobbit
Mansions of MadnessMansions of Madness(2e)
Mission Red PlanetMission Red Planet(2e)
Discworld: Ankh MorporkNanty Narking
PandemicPandemic Legacy
Power GridPower Grid deluxePower Grid: Recharged
SaboteurSaboteur 2
Saint PetersburgSaint Petersburg (2e)
San JuanSan Juan (2e)
Star RealmsStar Realms: Colony Wars
Stone AgeStone Age: Anniversary
SuburbiaSuburbia: Collector's Edition
Through the AgesThrough the Ages: A New Story of Civilization
ThunderstoneThunderstone Advance
Ticket to RideTicket to Ride: 10th Anniversary
ViticultureViticulture (Essential Edition)

Updated - 28/12/2019

Dave D

Highlights (Weekday games only)

Most player-time in a year: 1696.50 playerhours in 2014
Most player-time in a Month: 180.67 playerhours in April 2014
Most games played in a year:323 in 2017
Most games played in a month: 37 in September 2015*
Most unique games played in a year:142 in 2017
*First occurence